Tube Former

Tube Former

We are making environmentally friendly spiral ducts for your ventilation needs.
We can produce seamed spiral ducts from 100mm to 1.400mm diameter and have them delivered to you quickly keeping your project on schedule.
Our tubes match with the standards of all DW144, DIN 24145, SMACNA, AFNOR, BS or EUROVENT, regarding accuracy, air tightness & admissible pressures.

  • Environmentally friendly: We have a NATURAL lubrication oil which is not chemically modified with additives
  • Economical: We need LESS lubrication liquid
  • No cleaning afterwards: We have an almost DRY tubeforming process
  • Safe: We have a PROTECTION against corrosion
  • It fulfils the new chemical directive REACH.

Watch the Tube Former in action here

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May 2, 2018